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C. Understanding . D. Lifting is not possible without stretching . 7. What is the principle of the deep stretch? A. Hold the stretch as long as possible and have an "Aha" moment. B. Hold the stretch until the muscles are relaxed and the body takes over. C. When you find a new stretch and it feels good, add it to your stretching program. D. Stretching is done through the entire body and is an exercise in stretching yourself. 8. Describe the technique of slow stretching. A. Using your own movements and tempo. B. Start the movement slowly and steadily. C. Start the movement gently, then add more force. D. Your body needs to stretch slowly and steadily. 9. What are the five basic rules of stretching? A. Never stretch when you are sick. B. Stretch at the end of a workout. C. Stretch in a cool place. D. Stretch when you have been active. 10. What is the difference between a static stretching technique and a dynamic stretching technique? A. Static stretches are done on a static apparatus like a bench or a wall. B. Dynamic stretches are done while you move in a natural manner. C. Dynamic stretching is done on an apparatus. D. Dynamic stretching is done with the movement of an activity. 11. What do you mean by proper body mechanics? A. You should stand upright and allow your body to naturally follow. B. There are three axes or body positions: anteroposterior, lateroposterior and lateral. C. When a person stretches, it should be done with form. D. Form is the way a person does a stretch. 12. What are the five basic principles of form when you stretch? A. Stretch to the edge of pain and hold it for one minute. B. Start slowly and gently and work up to a position where the muscle or tissue is half relaxed. C. Be in control of yourself and the exercise. D. Hold the stretch for the recommended length of time and stop when you reach the end. E. Do not force a stretch. 13. What are the basic signs that you are stretching properly? A. You should be able to stretch to the edge of pain. B. You should be in control of your body and yourself. C. You should be in control of yourself and the stretch. D. You should never force a stretch. 14. What




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