Kerala Seafood history

Kerala is situated on the southwest coast of the Indian subcontinent with an area of about 38863 square kilometers, which makes about 1.27% of the Indian Territory. Kerala has a significant marine fisheries sector that has long been an important source of occupation and livelihood for the coastal population of the state. It is estimated that about 8 lakh people earn their livelihood from capture and allied works in marine fisheries in the 222 fishing villages situated along the coastline of the state. The coastal line spread over nine districts of Kerala. The marine districts of Kerala are: Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Trissur, Malappuram , Kozhikkode, Kannur , Kasaragod. The state exports fish products worth approximately rupees 5008.54 Crores accounting for roughly three percent of the state revenue. Kerala's share in the national marine fish production is around 13%.

Best fish to eat in Kerala and famous fish dishes in Kerala

There are many varieties of fish and fish dishes in Kerala, but the best fish in Kerala is the Pearlspot Karimeen fish of Kerala. The famous giant freshwater prawn or lobster of Kerala known as Konju is also a very tasty popular fish of Kerala.

Kerala is one of the world's largest producers of shrimps and prawns for export. There are many Shrimp peeling sheds along the coastline of Kerala, especially around Cochin or Kochi as it is called now. Kerala is the place to enjoy the special Kerala Shrimp fry spiced with Kerala masalas.

Another very famous fish which is very delicious is the King Fish variety they catch off the Kerala coast. The Kerala King Fish fry with Kerala spices is a superb dish of Kerala. Seafood, in general, is the specialty food of Kerala, and Kerala seafood cooking is something special which you simply got to taste.

5 Most Delicious Fish Dishes from Kerala

Karimeen Pollichathu

This is the pearl spot fish which is marinated in a host of spices, wrapped in a banana leaf, and then steamed.

Kerala Fish Fry (Meen Varathathu)

This makes for a great appetizer. Fleshy fish chunks are marinated in methi powder, vinegar, and other spices and then shallow fried till they turn golden and crisp.

Kerala Karimeen Fry

The Kerala way of frying Karimeen fish is to marinate the Karimeen fish for about one hour in a special spice paste. The marinating spice paste is made from a powdered spice mixture of chilli, black pepper, turmeric and some other ingredients like garlic paste which is all made into a paste with vinegar and or water. The marinated Karimeen fish is then deep-fried in oil at the right temperature. The fried Karimeen is served with a salad made of onion slices dipped in vinegar and lime solution laced with chillies. Karimeen Fry is one of the most common food in houseboats in Kerala.

Kerala Konju curry

Kerala Konju curry is made like the normal Kerala fish curry with the addition of Kudampuli, the special souring agent for fish in Kerala curries. This dish is normally eaten with rice in Kerala.

Fish Mappas

Another Kerala traditional fish curry from Kerala where the fish pieces are cooked in coconut milk and coconut along. The curry is creamy yet tangy with the use of tomatoes and kokum fruits.

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